An Introduction

Finding a topic is the thing I have found the hardest about getting the blog ball rolling. I recently attended a workshop hosted by Bright Path, a digital marketing company based in Portsmouth, in which the services offered by the digital marketing company were discussed , SEO, PPC, Social and Content. It was demonstrated how these different tools could be used to their potential to optimize local businesses. It was here that I inevitably got talking to different members of the Vertical Leap and Bright Path team. I then received the best advice I ever have, even over 4 years of University. That is, write about what interests you and write it as you. Content, especially within blogs needs to be communicated not from a corporate body that sounds rigid, firm and constantly professional, but from a human being. I think this is definitely the case, within both a personal blog to one written by a company.

If the person you’re communicating with wanted to hear rigid corporate jargon they’d go to your website. They are visiting your blog because they want to read about something written by a human that they can relate to. This being said I don’t advise companies to look at this and begin writing blogs as they would talk to their friends, far from it, they still need to be aware and consider everything that is being published as it still reflects the company, however a more relaxed approach must be taken.

This blog is just a snippet and is rather introductory but I hope you stay tuned there is more to come! In the future I will be blogging about anything and everything that interests me within the world of marketing and more.


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