‘I Love The Way He Carves Roast Beef’

Cadbury Crispello TV Advert – 2013

This humorous advert from Cadbury acquaints viewers with the new chocolatey treat Crispello through relatable situations and entertaining songs with lines such as ‘your mum is nice, your dad is hot’ and describes the dads parallel parking as ‘smooth like butter’. With this being their first chocolate bar to be launched since the 90’s a well thought out, innovative, attention grabbing advert was expected from the chocolate giants and they didn’t disappoint. Following the ongoing theme of fun that Cadbury have been portraying in all of their recent adverts this £6m TV ad is very much of the same cheekyness. However, aimed at a more mature age range as opposed to the floating cars we have seen before.

A Splash of Cadbury Purple

The unexpected song from the young girl declaring her interest in what we assume is her boyfriend’s dad tickled me. The ever so common teenage shrug off of mothering from the boy that is keen to impress is overly relatable from both the teenage and parents point of view. Beyond the humor and the shock at this young girls new love interest is the recognizable flash of Cadbury purple that features in everything and anything to do with the brand. I was speaking to a friend that said ‘I didn’t even know what that was for just that it was Cadburys’. That alone shows that the advert has worked. Just from a glimmer of purple the brand is recognized. Overall a very funny and memorable advert that definitely fulfills its aim of naughtiness! There many things i like about the advert many i can’t put my finger on, I just like it. I’d be keen to know you thoughts on it good and bad, let me know!


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