Just a Little Direct Marketing Note

Just a quick word about a piece of direct mail I received yesterday. I, like a lot of people, can sometimes see direct marketing as the marketing mix’s annoying little cousin that is just there and was fun and exciting at first but is growing tiresome and becoming an irritant. For companies it is expensive. For us, the recipients, it’s something to fold up and stop a wobbly table or just top up the recycling bin. Yes the response rates are considerably lower than that of online channels, but are there any strengths?

A well thought out, targeted campaign in which the audience is researched and leaflets are not just thrown at passers by or at letter boxes can grab a persons attention to your company, product or offer. Direct marketing is extremely useful for creating awareness.



Lets go back to this card I received through my door the other day. I don’t know if this caught my attention  because my dad is currently looking to set up a windows company on his own or if its just a good simple idea.  This small card speaks volumes, in a small road it informs neighbors that they may be vans blocking the road at some point. This shows the company as being courteous, boosting the company image. It raises awareness of the company and gives people something to file away until the need for new windows or doors arises. It can even draw peoples attention to their own windows and doors, highlighting a problem they didn’t even know existed and thus creating more business for the window company!

Like I said, not a big post but I really liked the way the handled their direct mail!


One thought on “Just a Little Direct Marketing Note

  1. i think personalised direct marketing is fabulous ! although many of the grey market seem highly suspicious of personalised advertising of any kind because they question where businesses have got their information. Few knowing companies and agencies have had this information at the tip of their fingers for a while ! I smile when i get some thats bang on my needs, its nice to see them use correctly instead of letters regarding sending me vouchers off for dog food… when i don’t have a dog ! glad someone else likes it too most people seem to bit put off using DM, but when used well its quite effective


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