In my last post I said that ‘Facebook is where you talk to your friends and twitter is where you follow people you wish you were friends with’  with Facebooks recent move to enable the use of hashtags this may no longer be the case. the use of hashtags on social media sites other than twitter is not a new thing Instagram and Google+ are already doing it but is it a bit too samey for Facebook?

I personally think this change may have been the wrong move but only time will tell. Yes hashtags are currently being used on Facebook already but this receives a lot of mixed feelings from users due to already having this feature available on another platform. It may start to seem as though Facebook is developing into this conglomerate, encompassing all things social media. First they take over Instagram, which was rife with privacy alterations issues and now they’re edging into twitter space. Will twitter stand for it? Should they be worried about their competitor or is working together the right thing to do?

Facebook have said that they will “continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world’s conversations.”… sound familiar? isn’t this just the same as the twitter trend feed?

There is the risk that users may begin to see Facebook more and more as a corporate identity instead of a platform where they can socialise with their friends. I’m not convinced that creating one large social media platform (because that’s the way its look as though it is heading) is the right way to go. I still strongly feel that Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that can be used to target people in different environments.

As I said before, who knows? Only time will tell if the hastag activation is successful.


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