Evidence that Traditional Marketing Techniques aren’t Dead

With the constant barrage of ‘Is your company digital?’ ‘Have you got a digital presence’ ‘Social Media, Social Media, Social Media’ it can seem that traditional marketing is sinking into the background but is this true? TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor marketing, promotional material, and the list goes on and all of these are still being used to drive sales and traffic to companies websites and working. I was inspired to write this blog by an article and a mug.


A mug? I was sitting at my desk pondering what the day will bring. I got handed a very lovely cup of tea, as some of you may or may not know I am a bit of a tea addict and this will surely be one of about 8 today (even in this weather), but something was different about this mug of tea, the mug itself.  This mug did its intended function very well; my tea stayed where it was supposed to, the only thing that was interesting about this mug was the design printed on it.  The mug was a simple promotional item, just a list of tick boxes of a situation everyone can relate to, deadlines (as you can see from the photos). The overall message it was trying to convey was come and have a look if we can take the pressure off. All the details were there and yes I admit it’s not a mind blowing, innovative, never been seen before idea but it worked.


It managed to catch me at a time that I was already on a break so I had time to have a browse of their website. I wasn’t looking for promotional goods but still I now know that the company exist if I ever do want to use them, their advert is going to be used every day as a constant reminder of their services so when the time does occur that I need 5000 branded piggy banks for an event I know exactly where I will go to, my trusty mug.

They have demonstrated their abilities with regards to the products they are selling and they have caught me unawares, when my brain is relaxing and therefore more accepting or susceptible to ideas. It’s proven that when you’re not trying, you find your greatest inspiration, they didn’t hassle me into looking they let me come across them in my own time. Now I’m not saying this little mug is my ‘greatest inspiration’ I just thought it was a very clever piece of advertising and a very good sized tea mug!

So no traditional marketing methods are not slipping away there are just more platforms than there were 5 or 10 years ago, so logically there is less time being allocated to traditional marketing as the time now has to be divided among more areas.  This is yet again evidence that a company’s marketing team needs to consider all marketing channels and not get overwhelmed by the new ones.


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