Bye Bye ‘Key Lime Pie’, Hello KITKAT 4.4!

android-kit-katRecently, as I’m sure you all know by now, Google unveiled its long awaited OS ‘Key Lime Pie’ with a surprising twist. It’s now called Kit Kat 4.4!

Extraordinarily this collaboration with the confectionary company holds no monetary tie and is based on the premise of it being ‘fun and unexpected’ according to a Google spokesman. Whatever the deal between the two companies, whether it be a truck load of KitKats in return for a place on the wrapper,  it has proven to be a fantastic PR opportunity for both parties!

The new KitKat website is simple yet effective. It quite clearly demonstrates their connection to android and as you’d expect with any name affiliated with Google it works exceptionally on mobile devices!. The spoof mobile site boasts ‘adjustable orientation’, ‘cloud’ and ‘mobile’ features, along with available accessories such as tea and water. Their tech specs mimic those of the I-phones site; the whole site oozes fun and humour. They display their range, reach and the small print at the bottom just reiterates that this new connection is between two companies that do not take themselves too seriously.

With their announcement Google has made every tweet, blog, news post and conversation about KitKat 4.4 an advert for the chocolatey wafery product. KitKat has been given an avenue of free exposure and the best bit is it wasn’t even their idea! Google apparently approached them so it seems on the surface this is a win win deal! Well yes and no. All this free publicity and the (in my eyes hilarious) new Kit Kat website have been the talk of the internet for a good 48 hours now but in the long run is this the safest thing to do?

It has been seen time and time again if a brand is linked with another even if that link is slight it can have dire repercussions. Once tied you become associated with that brand for better or for worse. Their wrong doing can have catastrophic effects on the reputation of your company, even if you protest your innocence or try and distance yourself from them.

I think that for now this link is a fantastic move by both sides. Whether in the long run it will continue like this all depends on the reputation, behaviour and success of both parties. In the mean time I’m going to get myself a cuppa, a Kitkat and re watch KitKats’s ‘Apple esq’ product introduction clip!


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