Tesco – In the Dog House Again!


Well, well, well, being a huge international company you would have thought marketing publications would be proof read, monitored and well thought out. This does not seem to be the case for supermarket giant Tesco. As if horse meat scandals, insulting Halloween costumes and accusations of sexism weren’t enough bad publicity for one year they have gone and done it again, this time in the form of their Christmas brochure.

The brochure shows an image of a child with the words ‘All I want for Christmas is a puppy’ shown on a blackboard in the background. Animal charities are well known for putting great effort into publicizing the importance of not buying a dog on a whim or as a gift, especially around the festive period, and have stated that they are ‘incredibly disappointed’ with the image that goes against their ‘A puppy is for life’ mantra. The public have also shown their outrage through the power of social media. Just glancing at their Facebook page and twitter feed you will see an astonishing amount of complaints (and rather amusing images depicting what ‘should’ be written on the blackboard). In fairness to Tesco they are responding to most posts, apologising and explaining the situation.

Although they have apologised, vowed to work with Dogs Trust (shock) and stated that they did not intend to encourage the purchasing of canines as festive gifts, they really do need to start protecting their brand image especially when you take into consideration the battering it has taken this year!


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