Brands Grow their ‘Mo’s’ for Movember!

Image9So November is fast approaching and before long we will be seeing a sea of unkempt men at different stages of hairiness. This month of dishevelled festivities raised a whopping £92m globally and sparked an impressive 2.7 billion conversations around men’s health in 2012, according to the charity.

Movemeber is a great way for brands to show their community spirit and get in touch with the younger generation whilst raising awareness for a fantastic cause. By being official sponsors of Movemebr brands are tying in with an exclusive group. Yes, Movember has been criticised for being more fashion than fundraising but that’s how you gain the attention of the younger generation. Dress it up as something cool and then what do you have? A little advert on the faces of millions reminding people what month it is.  People hear about Movember and are reminded of the cause throughout the month by all the Mo’s around. If someone grows a fashionable Mo and raises £10, growing the Mo has still raised money and awareness. Thus, fulfilling Movembers purpose!

Ok that was slightly off topic back to the supporting brands. With such well known brands supporting them Movemeber have a fighting chance of spreading the word further and to a variety of different people and it has obviously worked. I challenge you to find someone that doesn’t know what Movemer is! Brands such as Gillette; Movembers ‘grooming partner’ and HP sauce are household names. These items are seen on a daily basis and serve as constant reminder of the cause.

By being promoted by names such as the Links of London Movember shows that the campaign is not just for everyday goods but is also being supported by high end brands, making it more desirable to grow that all important Mo. This is also true with the involvement of celebrities. Last year Michael Owen, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Alan Carr, Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson attracted a high volume of attention on social media for their Mo’s.

This year the Movemeber crew are targeting a new generation, not Gen x, not Gen Y but Gen Mo! This continues their themes of targeting different types of men, 2010 saw the country gentleman and 2011 the modern gentleman but with their new logo Movemeber are said to be targeting ‘a new generation of fundraisers and drive positive change’. So come on boys (and girls if capable) quit that shaving malarkey and don your Mo’s and help raise awareness for men’s health!

And this year you can get merchandise!!!!

Alternative moustache references are acceptable such as:-

-Lip warmer                                                                       -Caterpillar
-Crumb Catcher                                                                -Nose Bug
-Face furniture                                                                  -Dirt Squirrel
-Flavour Saver                                                                   -Lip foliage
-Facial Fur                                                                           -Manometer
-Mouth Brow                                                                     -Nose Neighbour


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