If Content is King, Data is Queen


I’m sure you have all heard the phrase ‘content is king’; if you haven’t out you come from that rock you’ve been living under. This notion that content is the most important aspect of your marketing is up for debate, especially when it comes to direct marketing.

In the world of direct marketing, yes, content is up there as one of the most vital aspects of a campaign. Eye catching phrases and images are vital to gaining you customers’ attention and avoiding being filed in the recycling with all the other ‘junk’ mail. So what is the most important thing I hear you ask? Good, relevant, up to date, clean data. The customer data you hold is the key thing to making direct marketing work and yet can be one of the hardest things to get hold of. Data allows you to personalise and relate to an individual on a mass scale. It’s a fantastic resource but can be easy to get wrong.

Having duplicate data, incorrect address’ or data of the deceased are sure fire ways to look unprofessional and annoy your customers. Nothing screams ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ like the misspelling of names, receiving more than one mailing or mailing someone that has recently died. They won’t be buying your products anytime soon and their family certainly won’t appreciate it. All these things among many more are the reasons why it is important to ensure your data is obtained in a legal manner and cleansed by a reliable data expert.

If done well using data can help your direct marketing campaigns resonate with your intended recipient and may just improve your response rate.


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