1 Sure Fire Way to Lose Friends and Followers

When trying to get your voice heard on social media it can prove to be a difficult and daunting task. There is an abundance of noise you have to fight through to even have your work glanced at by the right people. But whether you’re a company or an individual, begging for shares is never the right way to do it.

Directly asking people to share and publicise your work can prove alienating and not very effective. So what if your Aunty Jane and her book club have shared your blog post or tweet? If they haven’t read it or are not interested in its content its likely that their followers wont be either so your post will be falling on deaf ears.

When trying to publicise your work you need to make sure you are targeted in your approach. Put in the effort to follow the right people and attach the appropriate hashtags to make sure it is being seen by the right people that will find it interesting. In theory if your content is good enough and you are being followed by, following or sending it to the right people it should be shared organically without the need to spam people with desperate begs for shares and likes.

The main thing to remember is not to get downhearted if your content isn’t being shared as often as you would like. Look into why and how you can improve it. It takes time to form followers and a reputation in the real world let alone on social media where you are constantly fighting to get seen. It wont happen over night, you must keep on top of it and keep working away, constantly researching and engaging. Don’t get complacent, post regularly with good interesting, sharable content and sooner or later your voice will be heard.


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