Vauxhall Tweets England Squad’s Passport Numbers

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.45.42Yesterday’s leak of the England squads passport numbers by global car dealer and Football Association (FA) sponsor Vauxhall is proof that not even the big boys can get it right all the time.

This amateurish blip from the England sponsor saw ‘behind the scenes’ information such as passport numbers and dates of birth being tweeted to their 73k+ followers. Marketing Week have stated that this ‘Twitter gaffe could make the FA think twice about the level of access to the England team it grants commercial partners during the World Cup.’ but will it? The sheer amount of money that is plowed into football teams from their sponsors makes it rather unlikely their level of access will be decreased, but it is certain that someone within the Vauxhall social media team will be getting one hell of a telling off today!

Vauxhall has since apologised for their mistake and has advised that the tweet was removed immediately. Lets just hope not too many people saw it before it was erased (nothing like having your identity stolen to soften the blow of our forthcoming world cup defeat).

This mishap fully supports my earlier blogs regarding posting to social media. Whether you are a huge international company, a small village based store or a start up check, check and check again. It could just save you your reputation.


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