Is the Art of Letter Writing Dead?


As the things we do become more and more digitally based are we forgetting / failing to teach the next generation how to write a letter? Is there even a need to anymore?

Everything is brb or quick emails, filling virtual mailboxes to the brim. We are so overwhelmed by the flood of message we get every day everything is skim read and not digested properly. It amazes me the speed at which technology has come along. At the age of only 24 i already reminisce of the days when people received letters regularly. Now a days weeks can pass before anything but bills drop onto my doormat (and even then they direct me to my online statement).

Are we forgetting how to write? This is coming from someone that would much prefer to write out everything rather than type it on a screen (which is rather ironic considering I write an online blog). I wrote my whole 10,500 word dissertation by hand before typing it up. Just 10 years ago this wouldn’t be very impressive but people these days are neglecting the power that the written word can have on retention and spontaneity. You are more likely to remember the information you are writing and it comes more naturally than tapping away on an emotionless screen.

Writing allows you to inject a little personality into your communication whether its the scrawl of a quick note left on the kitchen counter for a loved one or the swirl of a calligraphic 4 page letter to an old friend, when it is written by hand it is individual to that person.

I try to write to my friends as much as possible and even though i usually get a text saying got your letter thanks and then their response i know they appreciate the extra effort that went into it.

So pick up your pens and stamps and get scribbling. And lets be honest everyone loves receiving mail that isn’t from some company promoting something or asking for money!

Let me know what you think!

Do you think we should write to each other more or is it a good think that everything is online and digitally traced?