Brands Grow their ‘Mo’s’ for Movember!

Image9So November is fast approaching and before long we will be seeing a sea of unkempt men at different stages of hairiness. This month of dishevelled festivities raised a whopping £92m globally and sparked an impressive 2.7 billion conversations around men’s health in 2012, according to the charity.

Movemeber is a great way for brands to show their community spirit and get in touch with the younger generation whilst raising awareness for a fantastic cause. By being official sponsors of Movemebr brands are tying in with an exclusive group. Yes, Movember has been criticised for being more fashion than fundraising but that’s how you gain the attention of the younger generation. Dress it up as something cool and then what do you have? A little advert on the faces of millions reminding people what month it is.  People hear about Movember and are reminded of the cause throughout the month by all the Mo’s around. If someone grows a fashionable Mo and raises £10, growing the Mo has still raised money and awareness. Thus, fulfilling Movembers purpose!

Ok that was slightly off topic back to the supporting brands. With such well known brands supporting them Movemeber have a fighting chance of spreading the word further and to a variety of different people and it has obviously worked. I challenge you to find someone that doesn’t know what Movemer is! Brands such as Gillette; Movembers ‘grooming partner’ and HP sauce are household names. These items are seen on a daily basis and serve as constant reminder of the cause.

By being promoted by names such as the Links of London Movember shows that the campaign is not just for everyday goods but is also being supported by high end brands, making it more desirable to grow that all important Mo. This is also true with the involvement of celebrities. Last year Michael Owen, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Alan Carr, Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson attracted a high volume of attention on social media for their Mo’s.

This year the Movemeber crew are targeting a new generation, not Gen x, not Gen Y but Gen Mo! This continues their themes of targeting different types of men, 2010 saw the country gentleman and 2011 the modern gentleman but with their new logo Movemeber are said to be targeting ‘a new generation of fundraisers and drive positive change’. So come on boys (and girls if capable) quit that shaving malarkey and don your Mo’s and help raise awareness for men’s health!

And this year you can get merchandise!!!!

Alternative moustache references are acceptable such as:-

-Lip warmer                                                                       -Caterpillar
-Crumb Catcher                                                                -Nose Bug
-Face furniture                                                                  -Dirt Squirrel
-Flavour Saver                                                                   -Lip foliage
-Facial Fur                                                                           -Manometer
-Mouth Brow                                                                     -Nose Neighbour


Tesco – In the Dog House Again!


Well, well, well, being a huge international company you would have thought marketing publications would be proof read, monitored and well thought out. This does not seem to be the case for supermarket giant Tesco. As if horse meat scandals, insulting Halloween costumes and accusations of sexism weren’t enough bad publicity for one year they have gone and done it again, this time in the form of their Christmas brochure.

The brochure shows an image of a child with the words ‘All I want for Christmas is a puppy’ shown on a blackboard in the background. Animal charities are well known for putting great effort into publicizing the importance of not buying a dog on a whim or as a gift, especially around the festive period, and have stated that they are ‘incredibly disappointed’ with the image that goes against their ‘A puppy is for life’ mantra. The public have also shown their outrage through the power of social media. Just glancing at their Facebook page and twitter feed you will see an astonishing amount of complaints (and rather amusing images depicting what ‘should’ be written on the blackboard). In fairness to Tesco they are responding to most posts, apologising and explaining the situation.

Although they have apologised, vowed to work with Dogs Trust (shock) and stated that they did not intend to encourage the purchasing of canines as festive gifts, they really do need to start protecting their brand image especially when you take into consideration the battering it has taken this year!

Software Leaves Users Spirits Somewhat Dampened After Fake iOS 7 Ad

The battle for top spot in the world of smart phones continued last week with Apple releasing the new iPhone 5S and 5C, along with the iOS 7 software upgrade. However, the software left some users spirits somewhat dampened when they were taken in by a fake advert claiming that it made their handset waterproof.

The misleading ad was circulated on social media channels such as Twitter along with a mock advert which closely mimicked the simplistic advertising commonly seen from Apple. It boasted that the iOS 7 made the iPhone waterproof and in the case of an emergency “a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry.” The ad’s ‘success’, if you can call it that, was helped by the fact that the majority of people talking about it on twitter were encouraging those not so bright few to test it out by posting tweets stating that the ad was true and ‘It really worked!’.

This is yet another example of what can happen when a brand is used incorrectly albeit in this case in malice. This one ad has caused a large number of gullible (or stupid, whichever way you want to look at it) people to submerge their expensive gadget in water to test just how water proof they now were. NEWS FLASH; THEY’RE NOT WATERPROOF!

The ad, which is suspected to have been started by the forum 4Chan which are rather well known for their controversial hacking pranks, has outraged those that have been foolish enough to try it out and some have taken to the scene of the crime, Twitter, to voice their disgust, with tweets appearing such as ‘Ok whoever said iOS 7 is waterproof GO **** YOURSELF’. I wouldn’t say that’s the best response Apple has had to an upgrade!


Bye Bye ‘Key Lime Pie’, Hello KITKAT 4.4!

android-kit-katRecently, as I’m sure you all know by now, Google unveiled its long awaited OS ‘Key Lime Pie’ with a surprising twist. It’s now called Kit Kat 4.4!

Extraordinarily this collaboration with the confectionary company holds no monetary tie and is based on the premise of it being ‘fun and unexpected’ according to a Google spokesman. Whatever the deal between the two companies, whether it be a truck load of KitKats in return for a place on the wrapper,  it has proven to be a fantastic PR opportunity for both parties!

The new KitKat website is simple yet effective. It quite clearly demonstrates their connection to android and as you’d expect with any name affiliated with Google it works exceptionally on mobile devices!. The spoof mobile site boasts ‘adjustable orientation’, ‘cloud’ and ‘mobile’ features, along with available accessories such as tea and water. Their tech specs mimic those of the I-phones site; the whole site oozes fun and humour. They display their range, reach and the small print at the bottom just reiterates that this new connection is between two companies that do not take themselves too seriously.

With their announcement Google has made every tweet, blog, news post and conversation about KitKat 4.4 an advert for the chocolatey wafery product. KitKat has been given an avenue of free exposure and the best bit is it wasn’t even their idea! Google apparently approached them so it seems on the surface this is a win win deal! Well yes and no. All this free publicity and the (in my eyes hilarious) new Kit Kat website have been the talk of the internet for a good 48 hours now but in the long run is this the safest thing to do?

It has been seen time and time again if a brand is linked with another even if that link is slight it can have dire repercussions. Once tied you become associated with that brand for better or for worse. Their wrong doing can have catastrophic effects on the reputation of your company, even if you protest your innocence or try and distance yourself from them.

I think that for now this link is a fantastic move by both sides. Whether in the long run it will continue like this all depends on the reputation, behaviour and success of both parties. In the mean time I’m going to get myself a cuppa, a Kitkat and re watch KitKats’s ‘Apple esq’ product introduction clip!

5 Tips to Survive Being an Unemployed Graduate!


It can be a daunting prospect leaving the bubble of University and emerging into the big bad world of work. Not all people are lucky enough to be able to walk into their dream job as soon as they finish Uni and I am one of those people. From my time in unemployment this time and over holidays etc I have learnt a few things to help survive the black ominous cloud that comes with being unemployed. It can be easy to become bored, despondent and feel like you are fighting an up hill battle but I have come up with 5 tips to surviving this (hopefully) brief spell of unemployment before you embark on your journey to your dream job.

1. Do not get despondent. Giving up won’t get you a job!

This is sometimes easier said than done. No the first 30 jobs you apply for may not get back to you but make sure you don’t let this get you down. If you give up you certainly wont be finding a job any time soon and even when the perfect job does come along you will be so unmotivated you’ll come across all wrong to your employer. Keeping an upbeat frame of mind will enable you to look at each job application differently. Don’t forget it is tough to find a job at the moment, if you’re not successful it may not be because they didn’t like you but there were 100,000,000,000 other people going to that one position!

2. Keep your mind active.

924So you’ve applied to all the roles you could find that day what do you do? spend the rest of the day on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle? No do something that will keep your mind active. I want to work in a marketing agency so I frequently read articles and follow relevant marketing influencers on twitter. Basically keeping up to date with what’s going on in your industry. This will not only help keep your mind active it will also come in handy if you get a phone call at 5pm asking you to come in for an interview at 9am, you will have up to date knowledge of the industry and won’t have to work till the early hours researching.  Try and do what it is you want to do as a career while you wait, for example I like writing so I write this blog. I understand it isn’t always that easy, if you want to be a submarine engineer there isn’t many opportunities in day-to-day life to just work on a deep-sea vessel, but you can still read up on the topic and make you your skills are kept sharp and ready to be used.

3. GET UP!

I think this is one of the most important points. get up, get out of bed at reasonable time, get dressed. DO NOT BECOME A SLOB! As time goes on it can be very easy to slip into a routine of  getting to bed late / early hours of the morning and not waking up until the afternoon. What if you get a phone call from a prospective employer at 10am? You’re not going to sound employable if this wakes you up and you are groggy and tired. As well as this if a job pops up out of the blue you will not be ready to work if your body clock is set to late nights/ late mornings. So get up, showered and dressed at a reasonable hour. Make sure you don’t stay within the confines of your house. Get outside, even if it is just for a walk. If you read take a book to the park. It is very easy to feel like a caged animal after 72 hours of only having yourself and the 4 walls for company.


Don’t think that by sitting at home constantly refreshing your browser that you will find a job. Get out there and temp. Yes it will mean you have a little less images (1)time to trawl through the endless job sites but it will improve your employability, increase your skill range, get you talking to people (which in turn may give you more opportunities) and minimise the chance of you feeling despondent. It’s not healthy to stay indoors all day and not only will having a temp job get you that much needed money boost, it will also show prospective employers that you wont just sit around and you’re willing to get out there and work hard. With regards to temp work, personally I don’t care what I’m doing as long as it is getting me A. out of the house and B. money. It is a little different with contract work, this needs to be more focused towards what you want to do in the long run as these are commonly for an extended period. So get out there and show the world your talents even if that means sitting on a reception desk for minimum wage for 2 weeks, you don’t know who will walk through that door!

5. Be Realistic

You’re a graduate. Yes you have gone to University for 3 or 4 years but you still have to work your way up, so be realistic in the jobs you are looking for. Don’t ignore a job because it’s not in your desired pay bracket, you never know there may be a chance of quick progression or they may offer you more if you have the right skill set. If you like a job and it will give you chance to move forward in your career read through the job description further. You will have to put the graft in to get into your perfect career just think of jobs at this stage as a foot in the door or a stepping stone to your ideal role. Equally don’t sell yourself short. Don’t just apply for everything and anything that relates to your degree. If you don’t think you want to do it, don’t apply for it. It just wastes your time and the company’s time.  As a side note for this if you’ve applied for a job and gone off it but they offer you an interview, go along, you never know if you liked it once after talking to the company you may like it again. As well as this it never hurts to get some interview experience.

Stand out from the crowd: three things to do on social media

Graduate Challenges

By Helen Reynolds @HelReynolds

It doesn’t matter what you want to do after university – the only way you can get that dream job is:

  • Make yourself known as an expert and lover of what you do – find your specialist subject
  • Contacting the people who want to employ you
  • Showing your successes and learning online

Here’s a guide to starting your awesome career. Nowadays it’s all about who you know AND what you know.

I’ve got a pretty cool job doing digital communications – you can read a bit more on my blog if you’re interested.

1.       Twitter lists to know people

Use Google to find the cool people you want to work for and with. For instance, if you want to go into, say sports PR and work in Edinburgh, Google “Sports PR Edinburgh”.  It’s as easy as that!  Now you’ve found people who look interesting, find them…

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